Penelope’s Bloom Story

About Us - Penelope the Dog

Penelope’s Bloom Story

About Us - Penelope the Dog

Penelope’s Bloom Story

About Us - Penelope the Dog

Our story began with Penelope

our sassy little French bulldog with a heart of gold. We knew from the beginning that loving her and providing a comfortable and loving home environment was only half the equation. From an early age, Penelope had been diagnosed with chronic disc degeneration of the spine which resulted in a disc rupture around her neck area. We knew that we had to focus on her physical and mental health in order to help her heal and enjoy life.

Through our journey of discovering the best natural, safe and effective treatments to address Penelope’s issues, we became aware that there was a great need for a premium quality CBD for pets that had product integrity, consumer transparency, and delivered results.

We have formulated the highest quality CBD Pet Products that are affordable, clean and deliver only the best benefits for your beloved pets!

Our CBD Pet Products

Penelope’s Bloom has partnered with the highest quality hemp company in order to bring our human-grade, vegan, cruelty-free, Non-GMO, and organic pet products straight to you and your amazing pets.

Here To Make An Impact

We have thoughtfully created our brand for your pet and our planet in mind. Our packaging is made with recycled materials because taking care of our planet is no small task!

Penelope’s Bloom only uses eco-conscious ingredients for a healthy and happy planet earth. We also actively give back to the community through our animal rescue collaborations.

When you purchase our products, a portion of the proceeds go to a non-profit organization that is making a difference in supporting animals across the country.

Full Transparency

We are all busy and consumer conscious pet parents. We understand that working all day, running errands, trying to stay healthy, while taking care of your family and finding the time to research and purchase the right, pure and affordable pet products for your best friend seems impossible.

We get it! We are overachieving and socially relatable pet parents too.

We have questioned the quality and efficacy of the products that were available and that is why we were motivated to create Penelope’s Bloom!

Our Mission