Penelopes BLoom CBD Dog Treats Collection
Penelopes BLoom CBD Dog Treats Collection

CBD Dog Treats Collection


Put a healthy spin on one of the most common ways of rewarding your pup with our CBD dog treats. At Penelope’s Bloom, we have three outstanding dog treat formulas to serve a variety of needs. Our Stress & Anxiety CBD Treats for Dogs give calming comfort to nervous pets. Joint & Mobility CBD Treats for Dogs help ease muscle and joint pain, particularly in aging dogs. And our Heart & Immunity CBD Treats for Dogs are perfect for promoting better overall health, as well as delivering a massive boost to your dog’s immune system. 

With each of these naturally flavored CBD dog treats, your pup pal can enjoy a better quality of life — and it’s as easy as giving them a tasty chew! 



We offer a variety of all natural CBD Dog Treats that is sure to get their mouths drooling and their tails wagging. These crunchy CBD chews are not only the perfect treat for your trusty companion, they are oh so good for them. Each CBD Dog treat is jam packed with antioxidants like blueberries, vitamins, and superfoods like turmeric made to target areas of need for your pup.... At Penelope’s Bloom, quality and safety is our highest virtue. We go the extra mile, making our CBD Dog Treats locally in Los Angeles, baking them in small batches for extra care, and only including human grade ingredients. Each category of dog CBD treats has been created exclusively for pets in need of support for Stress, Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Joint pain, and even behavioral changes. We went a step further and decided preventative care is just as important for pets as it is for us. Our Heart Health and Immune boosting treats are all about wellness and preventative care for your best pal. Take advantage of our life-changing CBD treats for your furry friends!

The Benefits of CBD for Your Pet

Before we dig into the dog treats, it’s probably a good idea to brush up on just what CBD is, and get a better understanding of its potential benefits for your dog. 

CBD is a chemical compound that comes from the oil of the hemp plant. CBD works by interacting with receptors in an animal's endocannabinoid system. Effects are similar across species — be it dog, cat, or human — as for all vertebrate creatures, the endocannabinoid system is tied into receptors in various organs and systems throughout the body. Just as the body’s own endocannabinoids support these various organs and systems, and help them to maintain balance (homeostasis), CBD does the same thing, supporting homeostasis and helping to regulate important functions, such as appetite, circadian rhythms (sleep), stress and pain responses, mood, memory, motor control, and more. 

This is why a pet, such as a dog or cat, can benefit from CBD in the same ways that humans do. Much like humans, dogs typically tolerate CBD well, and experience a range of health and wellness benefits when they consume this hemp compound. Here are some of the common reasons pet parents use CBD dog treats to help keep their dogs happy and healthy.

CBD Dog Treats for Stress and Anxiety

Some dogs are more high-strung than others, and even ordinarily calm dogs can have situations that cause them stress. This can be serious for your dog, as that stress can potentially, over time, develop into long-term anxiety. Stress & Anxiety CBD Treats for Dogs from Penelope’s Bloom are an excellent way to ease your dog’s stress before triggering events, such as trips to the vet or a night of fireworks in your neighborhood. 

Each of these CBD dog treats contains full-spectrum CBD oil, plus natural relaxants, including passion flower oil, chamomile oil, L-tryptophan, L-theanine, valerian root, and more. Naturally flavored with blueberry, sweet potato, and other organic ingredients, these calming CBD dog treats for stress also can be used as part of a routine to address more consistent issues, such as separation anxiety.

CBD Treats to Relieve Pain & Improve Mobility

As our dogs age, we eventually notice them slowing down and becoming less active. Arthritis and joint pain can afflict them just like us, and when it does it frequently leads to a reduction in quality of life for your dog. Joint & Mobility CBD Treats for Dogs deliver powerful full spectrum CBD oil, plus potent anti-inflammatories, turmeric and chondroitin, as well as glucosamine and other soothing ingredients. 

Like our Stress & Anxiety CBD Dog Treats, these CBD pet treats come in a delicious blueberry and sweet potato flavor, and contain an assortment of other natural ingredients. Joint & Mobility CBD Dog Treats are formulated to deliver minor pain relief, as well as anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling. We owe our dogs the best quality of life we can give them. Try our CBD Joint & Mobility Treats today and see if these tasty treats can help your dog buddy enjoy walks and other activities like they used to.

CBD Pet Treats for Immune System Support

In addition to being an effective anti-inflammatory, CBD also demonstrates antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Antioxidants are vital in fighting free radicals that cause damage from the inside out. Our Heart & Immunity CBD Treats for Dogs are formulated specifically to boost immunity, combining the power of CBD with other known antioxidants and amino acids. Among the active ingredients in these healthy CBD dog treats are full spectrum CBD oil, omega 3, vitamins A, C and E, L-taurine, hawthorn berry, green tea extract, and more. And as you might expect, these Heart & Immunity CBD Dog Treats feature the blueberry and sweet potato flavoring, as well as other naturally occurring ingredients. These dog treats make a great addition to any dog’s daily nutrition program.

All three of our CBD chews and treats are available in two strengths: 300mg CBD for smaller dogs and 600mg CBD for larger dogs. Each formulation of dog treats contains 30 treats per bag.

Some Notes on Dosage for Our CBD Dog Treats

Penelope’s Bloom CBD hard chews for dogs make dosages easy, with the same amount of organic CBD oil and other active ingredients in each dog treat. We also offer our CBD dog chews in different CBD strengths for larger and smaller dog breeds, eliminating the guesswork of trying to break CBD dog biscuits into smaller pieces for a lower CBD dose. 

For situations that require more flexibility in CBD dosing, we also carry CBD oil tinctures for dogs as well as CBD-infused peanut butter for dogs, which allow for creating custom CBD doses for your pet. 

Please follow the CBD dosing guides on the product packaging, along with any instructions provided by your veterinarian. While CBD for dogs is safe and well tolerated, pet parents do need to be responsible for keeping these products stored safely and preventing overconsumption.

Why Are Penelope’s Bloom CBD Dog Treats the Best Dog Treats?

All of our CBD dog products (including our three formulas of CBD dog treats) are made with organic, human-grade ingredients. Our full spectrum CBD is sourced exclusively from organically grown hemp, and extracted with an ultra-clean CO2 oil extraction process for exceptional purity. As with all of our products, our CBD dog treats are tested by an independent, third-party lab to assure our customers they’re getting the best in purity and potency in every pet product we sell.

We make our CBD dog treats with the same care and quality you would expect from products made for people, because we believe our dog friends deserve the best we can give them.


Side effects are rarely reported in dogs taking CBD. When CBD side effects do occur, they tend to be minor and can include lethargy, dry mouth, diarrhea, and lack of appetite. CBD can also interact with some medications, so be sure to consult your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD, especially if your dog is already taking meds.

Generally, CBD side effects occur when a dog consumes much more than the recommended serving size, which is generally one to one and a half of our CBD treats. So, please keep your CBD dog treats out of reach for nibbly dogs.

No, CBD will not cause dogs, or people, to become intoxicated or “high.” Even full spectrum CBD — the robust CBD oil initially extracted from the hemp plant — doesn’t contain enough THC to get you or your dog high. So, rest assured, giving your dog CBD treats won’t make your dog or dogs high.

Hemp-derived CBD is the same product, whether it’s used in a sublingual CBD oil for humans or CBD oil treats for dogs. Penelope’s Bloom uses human-grade ingredients for our CBD treats for dogs, including our organically grown full spectrum CBD. The only difference between CBD for humans and CBD for dogs is that our pet products have lower doses of active ingredients to make them more appropriate for dogs.

Yes, if your dog would benefit from CBD as part of a consistent routine, there is no reason why you cannot give your dog CBD every day. In fact, our Heart & Immunity chews are ideal as a daily wellness supplement for dogs. We recommend you follow the dosing instructions on the product packaging, and consult your vet with any questions.

When you give your dog CBD oil or CBD oil products, you should be aware that these products can contain one of three different kinds of CBD hemp oil extract: full spectrum oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, or CBD isolate. Full spectrum CBD is CBD oil as it is initially extracted from the hemp plant, delivering all the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes of the plant. Broad spectrum CBD is the same oil, only the tiny traces of THC have been filtered out. CBD isolate is CBD with all other hemp compounds removed, leaving you 99% pure CBD.

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