CBD Dog Treats Collection


Our CBD dog treat collection is crafted with three blends, each designed for different yet complementary targeted needs. Available in one concentration of 300mg, yet perfect for multiple daily necessities to make your dog’s day better.

$34.99 or subscribe and save 20%
$34.99 or subscribe and save 20%
$34.99 or subscribe and save 20%

How many CBD treats should I give to my dog?
Please follow our dosage recommendations by the weight of your dog. We have crafted our CBD dog treats for consumption in smaller increments so you can provide the perfect amount to your pet. If you are worried about how it might interact with medications they are taking, we recommend you consult with your veterinarian.
Will CBD Dog treats get my pet high?

CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid of cannabis. Our product will not get your pets “high” or “buzzed”. CBD is a safe, lawful, and effective option that offers many health benefits for both people and pets.

What does CBD do for anxiety and stress?

Like us, dogs have an endocannabinoid system, which regulates a number of bodily functions, including balance and coordination, activation and suppression of appetite, heart rate and blood pressure, memory & regulation, and, most importantly for us: mood regulation. CBD encourages your pet’s natural production of endocannabinoids, and can dampen the activity of some cannabinoid receptors.

What active ingredients outside of CBD will help my dog feel better, stronger and healthier?

Our treats come in three variations to help support Anxiety & Stress, Heart Health & Immunity, and Joint & Mobility.   Our organic active ingredients and superfoods include but are not limited to passion flower, which has been used since the time of the Aztec to calm, relax, and ease relieve pain, L-theamine, an amino acid found in green tea that helps reduce generalized anxiety, and turmeric, a superfood that can help alleviate inflammation throughout the body.

What is more effective for my dog, CBD oil or CBD treats?

We are happy you asked. This depends on a couple things. Consider which is going to be the easiest way to serve your pet. If your dog’s cool with a tincture dropper in its muzzle, great. If a treat is easier, that totally works, too.

While you may see the results you want immediately, we recommend a daily CBD serving for two to three weeks to experience the full effects. Your veterinarian may be able to provide you with more information on the many applications of CBD for your pets.

Can I administer multiple Penelope’s Bloom products together?

As long as you pay attention to the total combined serving suggestions, you can certainly use multiple Penelope’s Bloom products together

Do you test your products?

We regularly use third-party, ISO-certified labs to test all of our products from start to finish. We test to make sure the proper serving of hemp-derived CBD is present in each product. We also test to ensure that our products do not contain any other unwanted chemicals, metals, or additives. You don’t need to take our word on the potency of our products; we let our reports do all the talking for us

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