What Is the Best Home Remedy for Dog Mange?

What Is the Best Home Remedy for Dog Mange?

What is the best home remedy for dog mange? If your pup has acquired this ailment, this may be the first question on your mind. Mange can create all manner of uncomfortable symptoms for your dog. Naturally, if your dog has contracted mange, your priority will be to find a way to provide some relief. Read on in this article to discover ways you can help your pet

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What Is Mange?

Mange (from the French mangeue, meaning “to eat or itch”) is the common name for a skin disease caused by mites. It affects many animals, including dogs and humans. It is most common in stray dogs and those that have been neglected or abused. However, it can occur with any dog. Mange causes hair loss, redness, sores, and crusty patches on the skin. These can give the appearance that the skin has turned to stone. There are two different types of mange, which are detailed below.

Demodectic mange

Demodex mites cause demodectic mange. These are mites that occur naturally on hair and hair follicles. However, when they become overpopulated, they can result in mange. The over infestation can occur either when the mite population overpowers the dog’s immune system or when it is immuno-suppressed and unable to defend itself from the mites. The result is inflammation of the follicle, which causes itching and hair loss. This type of mange is most common in sick or elderly dogs, conditions that create the necessary immuno-suppression for the mites to overcome the immune system. Demodectic mange is non-contagious.

Sarcoptic mange

The second type of mange is sarcoptic mange or scabies. Sarcoptes scabiei causes this type of mange. It is more severe than demodectic mange and also harder to control. The scabies mites burrow under the dog’s skin and lay eggs in the resulting tunnel. The fecal matter left behind under the skin causes an adverse reaction in mammals, including dogs. The reaction causes extreme itching, which can ultimately result in hair loss for the dog due to perpetual scratching and chewing at the infection site. This type of mange is exceptionally contagious for both other pets and humans. Along with treatment, quarantine and home decontamination will be necessary.

What Are The Symptoms of Dog Mange?

The two types of mange share some symptoms but differ in others. Symptoms of sarcoptic mange include bacterial infections, yeast infections, acute itchiness, hair loss, redness and rash, and thick yellow crusts. In very advanced stages, the dog may develop emaciation, inflammation of the lymph nodes, and thickening of the skin. Demodectic mange symptoms vary depending on how widespread the infection is. Symptoms of localized cases include inflamed, scaling skin, and the loss of hair in patches. In generalized instances, a dog exhibits crusts, swelling, generalized scaling, infections, and full-body redness. A dog can also lose all of its hair in extreme cases.

How to Diagnose Dog Mange?

The first step in diagnosing dog mange is to confirm that the dog’s symptoms match those expected in a mange infestation case. If the symptoms support the diagnosis, the next step is to take your beloved pet to a qualified veterinarian to confirm your suspicions. The veterinarian will take surface skin samples from the dog and microscopically examine them for the presence of mites or eggs. It is occasionally possible that no evidence will be present in the sample, even when all symptoms indicate mange. In these cases, the veterinarian will make a recommendation on how to proceed.

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How to Get Rid of Mange?

After diagnosis, the next step is figuring out how to get rid of mange. Both demodectic and sarcoptic mange may require prescribed medication to eliminate mange in dogs. Treatment at home is possible for immediate relief, and the following is a selection of mange home remedies.

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One possible home remedy is CBD oil. Studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system may affect skin health. External cannabis supplements like cannabidiol (CBD) can influence the endocannabinoid system. The result is that CBD oils may improve skin symptoms in dogs suffering from mange. In addition, studies have shown that CBD may decrease stress levels. These reduced stress levels can lead to increased immune function, which will help to fend off the mites that cause mange. One possible product to use is this CBD pet tincture. It’s fast-acting, independently lab-tested, vegan, and will offer some relief to your pet. It also comes in four different concentrations, depending on the weight of your animal. You can also save some money by purchasing this trio bundle

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Organic unflavored yogurt is one of the most popular homemade remedies for dog mange. It may be effective as a method of smothering the mites due to its thick, creamy consistency. It’s also possible that the probiotics in yogurt, such as acidophilus, may provide an active ingredient that combats the mite infestation. In order to use it, apply a tablespoon of yogurt to the affected area, and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. The good news is, plain yogurt is healthy for dogs, so you don’t have to worry about the dog getting sick if the dog licks it off.


Honey is another popular mange remedy. Raw organic honey is best. Honey is an antioxidant. It’s also antiseptic, so it can cleanse the dog’s skin of secondary bacterial invaders. It will also cleanse dirt and grime. All of this can help decrease the level of irritation your dog is experiencing from its condition. It may also suffocate mites and larvae that are present on your dog’s skin. To use it, apply honey directly to the affected area and leave it for fifteen minutes before wiping it away. For best results, do this treatment twice per day until your dog is free of symptoms.

Olive Oil

Olive oil may not only soothe your dog’s skin and contribute to a healthy epidermis and coat of fur, but it could kill mange as well. The idea is that, due to olive oil’s viscous consistency, it will suffocate both adult and larval mites, destroying the mange at the source. In order to apply it, measure out one to three tablespoons, depending on the size of the area. Then, rub it into your dog’s skin. Leave it for fifteen minutes before washing it away. Do this twice per day for best results. 

Aloe Vera

A wonderful all-purpose skin soother is the succulent aloe vera plant. It’s also a natural antiseptic with anti-parasitic properties. Therefore, aloe vera can tackle any secondary infections while naturally assisting your dog with its discomfort. Use either bottled aloe vera or simply split open one of the leaves of the plant. Rub the aloe on the irritated areas twice per day to help with your dog’s condition. 

Apple Cider

Apple cider is another home remedy for mange. It can be applied either topically or ingested. What makes this approach effective is the acidic nature of apple cider. Creating an acidic environment for the mites that cause mange may result in their demise. Add a couple of tablespoons to your dog’s food or water bowl once per day to combat mange from the inside out.


Another acid-based approach to treating mange is the use of lemon. This can be added to your dog’s food or applied topically. In order to increase the effectiveness, create a solution of lemon juice and garlic cloves. Add 6 to 10 cloves of garlic to half a cup of water and the juice of one lemon and allow it to steep overnight. Then, put the solution in a spray bottle and spray the affected area twice per day until the mange is gone. Garlic has antiseptic properties that help combat bacteria.

Treating Demodectic Mange

Demodectic mange may clear up on its own. However, severe cases may require medical treatment. A veterinarian will take skin samples to determine the severity of the infection. They will then recommend a treatment plan. This can involve medication or a sulfur-lime dip under the direction of a veterinarian. The veterinarian may also look into underlying causes for your dog’s weakened immune system (a prerequisite for developing demodectic mange). In addition to the above steps, you may wish to couple the medical treatment with a demodectic mange home remedy like those mentioned above. 

Treating Sarcoptic Mange

Sarcoptic mange is generally more severe than its demodectic cousin. It’s contagious to other pets and humans, so treatment is significantly more involved. During treatment, your dog will have to quarantine away from the rest of the household. Thorough cleaning of anything the dog touches will be required. 

The treatment will involve a combination of scabicidal shampoo and oral or topical medication. The veterinarian may also suggest steps to strengthen your dog’s immune system to help combat the mites on its own. All of these steps can be coupled with home remedies to provide extra relief to your pup. 

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Take-Home Message

There are a number of options for how to get rid of mange. The most effective are those prescribed by a veterinarian. They include medication and special bathing practices. However, the problem can also be tackled with home remedies, such as CBD oil. These may offer additional comfort to your dog while it’s undergoing treatment. 

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