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CBD Gifts for Pets: 2022 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Cats

We’re officially in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and chances are, if you’re a dog or cat parent, you’re probably thinking of creative ways to include your pets in the festivities. But as much as we think of our pets as our kids, it’s not like animals can drop “subtle” hints for toys they want or write a list to Santa for you to drop into the “North Pole Express” mailbox. So, if you’ve been racking your brain trying to come up with gift ideas for your dog or cat, you’ve landed on the right page!

We created this CBD Gifts for Pets: 2022 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Cats article to help pet owners shop for a gift that will do more for their dog or cat’s well-being than a silly sweater. Giving your pets a product like hemp-based CBD (cannabidiol) can enhance their overall quality of life.

So, check out the pet gifts below to find products that are right for your dog or cat.

CBD Balm for Your Active Dog

If you have an active dog that’s always on the go, their paw pads will need a bit of moisturizing love to restore and repair areas that can become dry and cracked. Your dog’s paws make contact with all types of surfaces — especially if they’re out and about with you walking/running on asphalt, gravel, or even rugged hiking trails!

Yes, your dog’s paw pads have a thick fatty tissue layer, but they’re still prone to dryness and cracking that can cause unnecessary pain and discomfort.

So, how can you tell if your active dog needs a CBD balm?

You’ll often notice excessive paw licking or limping that causes your dog to prefer one paw. That’s where our CBD Pet Balm for Dogs comes in handy, with the natural softening effects of all-natural shea butter and the detoxifying qualities of lavender essential oil.

Our full-spectrum CBD balm provides deep-seated moisture that helps rejuvenate dry, cracked, bothersome dog paws in no time!

CBD Dog Treats for Anxious Pets

Nerves can get the best of everyone, and our pets are no exception. Still, it’s hard to watch your dog struggling with nervous habits that can interfere with their daily routine. There are plenty of behavioral signs dog owners can be on the lookout for. The most common include dogs’ excessive barking, pacing, whining, destructive behavior, and shaking.

These types of behavior can leave you feeling like you need to do more as a dog parent — but don’t worry, that’s where CBD for dogs can help! CBD has calming properties that can help settle the nerves of a stressed-out dog. Our CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety and Stress are a great hemp product for dog parents looking to make their dogs’ lives a little happier. These all-natural treats are made in the USA with organic full-spectrum CBD alongside the relaxing chamomile, valerian root, and passion flower extracts.

Some dogs need a little more help relaxing, and these CBD treats are one of the easiest ways to give them the gift of rest and relaxation!

CBD Oil Makes a Great Gift for Cats

Do you have an aging cat with mobility issues? Or an overactive cat that wakes the whole house with 2am zoomies? If you’re a cat lover, you already know they are incredibly unique and have a mind of their own!

Still, this doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the therapeutic properties of CBD for cats.

Our CBD Oil Tincture for Cats helps your pet enjoy the calming vibes of CBD any time of the day. Your cat will love our salmon-flavored CBD oil, packed with 150mg of CBD goodness that pairs exceptionally well with their favorite meal.

Adding a few drops on top of their favorite salmon-inspired meal not only tastes good, but it gives the CBD a better chance at absorption and effectiveness. This is the purr-perfect holiday gift idea for your cat — and it won’t take long to see why!

CBD Peanut Butter

Most of us love indulging in our own treats this time of year, and guess what? So does your dog! Your dog will love our drool-worthy CBD Infused Peanut Butter, made with organic dry roasted peanuts, organic honey, and full spectrum CBD oil.

This unique CBD dog product comes in two CBD concentrations: 300mg CBD or 600mg CBD (in case your dog needs something more potent). Here’s a gift idea for dog owners: pair our CBD Infused Peanut Butter with a Kong-style toy for dogs that boosts mental stimulation. This way, your dog will reap the benefits of CBD and enjoy a little brain puzzle, as well — which pets love!

CBD Gifts for Pets: Final Thoughts

We understand how exciting (and exhausting) this time of year can be! You’re trying to think of which gift works best for certain people in your life — not to mention your pet!

Remember that CBD makes a great gift for your pet, because it keeps “giving” far past the holidays. Not to mention, adding CBD wellness to your pet’s daily routine provides a wide range of benefits that you and your pet will appreciate!

We’ve got plenty of CBD gift ideas that are perfect for pets, whether you’ve got a playful pooch or a feisty feline!

Hopefully, this blog has inspired some gift ideas to make it a little easier to shop for your pet this season.  

Make sure to shop our complete collection of CBD Pet Products now to get your pet’s gifts in time for the holidays!

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