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Can I Give My Puppy CBD?

So, you just brought home a furry bundle of joy, a tiny ball of energy and innocence — a cute, cuddly puppy! Naturally, as you embark on this exciting journey of puppy parenthood, you want to make sure you’re doing everything right to keep your new four-legged friend happy and healthy. CBD Dog Products have had an unfair stigma for a very long time but that narrative has changed. This brings us to an intriguing question many pet owners are asking these days: Can I give my puppy CBD?

CBD for Dogs has surged in popularity among humans for its potential health benefits. But what about our canine companions? In this pawsitively informative guide, we’re going to explore the ins and outs of giving CBD to puppies, shedding light on whether it’s safe, when it’s appropriate, and how to go about it.

Getting Started: What is CBD, Anyway?

Before diving into whether CBD dog products is suitable for puppies, let’s get a better understanding of what CBD for Pets actually is.

CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant, but don’t let the word “cannabis” set off alarm bells just yet. Unlike its infamous cousin, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD doesn’t induce the euphoric “high” associated with marijuana. Instead, it’s non-psychoactive and believed to offer a wide range of potential health benefits due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

In recent years, CBD has become the darling of wellness enthusiasts, available in various forms such as oils, tinctures, edibles, and creams, all designed to help with issues like anxiety, pain, inflammation, appetite, and sleep disorders.

Is CBD Safe for Puppies?

Now, here’s the big question: Is CBD dog products safe for your precious pup? Absolutely!

CBD for Pets knows no age boundaries and is considered safe for dogs of all ages — from playful puppies to wise senior dogs. Cannabinoids like CBD are known to offer a plethora of health benefits to our canine companions regardless of their age.

Check out some of the studies we found:

A series of clinical trials were conducted to assess potential adverse reactions resulting from increasing CBD doses administered to dogs, with the maximum dose reaching a whopping 640 mg of CBD. To put that into perspective, it’s up to 70 times higher than our standard recommended dose for dogs! Astonishingly, even with these significantly elevated CBD dosages, no lethal effects were detected, and any adverse events that did occur were of a mild nature.

In accordance with a comprehensive 2018 report by the World Health Organization (WHO), naturally occurring CBD has demonstrated remarkable safety and tolerance in both humans and animals. The report explicitly states that “CBD has been found to be generally well tolerated and to have a good safety profile,” underscoring its favorable safety record.

Further affirming the safety of CBD in dogs, a 2020 study conducted with 20 healthy Beagles sought to establish the safety and tolerance thresholds for escalating serving amounts of CBD, THC, or a combination of both in these canine subjects. This study included ten female and ten male Beagles who received a series of increasing doses over a three-day period.

Remarkably, the dogs exhibited a high level of tolerance to the escalating serving amounts.

We referenced these studies to showcase the safety and non-threatening effects of CBD for Dogs — puppies included!

When Should I Consider CBD for My Puppy?

Raising a new puppy doesn’t come with clear-cut instructions, unfortunately. Plus, your puppy has his or her own personality, quirks, and needs. Most pet owners want to know when to start considering CBD for their puppy, so here are some things that CBD can help your pup navigate.

Anxiety and Stress: Puppies, like humans, can experience anxiety and stress. Common triggers include separation anxiety, socialization, and loud noises like thunderstorms or fireworks. CBD may help calm your puppy’s nerves in these situations.

Pain and Inflammation: If your puppy is recovering from surgery, has arthritis, or experiences pain due to injury, CBD may offer relief.

Digestive Issues: Some puppies have sensitive stomachs or suffer from nausea and vomiting. CBD may help alleviate these symptoms.

Epileptic Seizures: In some cases, CBD dog products have been used to manage seizures in dogs, including puppies. However, in instances like this, you should connect with your vet for guidance.

Appetite Stimulation: If your puppy isn’t eating well, perhaps due to illness or stress, CBD might help stimulate their appetite.

Now that we covered this, let’s jump into how you can actually introduce your puppy to CBD and the best way to give it to him everyday!

How to Give CBD to Your Puppy

Alright, you’ve decided that CBD could benefit your puppy, and you’ve consulted with your vet if it’s related to a medical issue. Now, let’s talk about how to give CBD to your cute little furry friend.

  • CBD Oil: These are the most common and versatile forms of CBD for puppies. You can mix the recommended serving amount with your puppy’s food or administer it directly into their mouth. Make sure to follow the dosing instructions provided on the product.
  • CBD Treats: Some companies offer CBD-infused treats specifically designed for dogs. These are convenient and can be a tasty way to administer CBD. Just ensure you choose treats with a proper CBD dosage for your puppy’s size and needs.
  • CBD Peanut Butter: Your puppy will love the taste of our CBD-infused peanut butter! Plus, it pairs extremely well with kong-style toys to keep puppies entertained for hours.
  • CBD Balm: In cases of localized pain or skin issues, topical CBD creams or balms may be applied directly to the affected area.

How Much CBD to Give Your Puppy

Most dog owners want a clear-cut answer on how much CBD to give to their puppy, but it’s not a black-and-white answer because all puppies are different, with varying needs and considerations. The appropriate serving amount starts with your puppy’s size, weight, and the specific condition you’re addressing.

Start with a low dose, and then gradually increase it if needed. Monitor your puppy closely for any changes in behavior, appetite, or symptoms. Keep a diary to track the effects of CBD Dog Products.

Remember that every puppy is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. It’s essential to be patient while finding the right serving amount and product for your pup’s needs.

How to Spot High-Quality CBD

When it comes to CBD for your puppy, quality matters, not all CBD products are created equal, so it’s essential to choose reputable brands that prioritize safety and transparency.

Here are some things to look for when selecting a CBD product for your pup:

Third-Party Testing: Reputable companies provide lab reports from third-party testing, ensuring the product’s potency and purity — like these test results!

Organically Grown: Choose products made from organically grown hemp to minimize the risk of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

No THC: Ensure the product is THC-free or contains only trace amounts (less than 0.3%). THC can be harmful to dogs.

Natural Ingredients: Opt for products with natural flavorings and avoid those with artificial additives.

Customer Reviews: Read reviews and testimonials from other pet owners to gauge the effectiveness of the product.

Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil: Make sure to look at the ingredient list when purchasing CBD Oil for your puppy. If you see Hemp Seed Oil, this is not a product that will provide the therapeutic benefits you’re looking for. Oftentimes, you’ll encounter this on Amazon, so just be mindful of this tactic used to mislead customers who don’t know the difference.

These are some of the benchmarks of quality you should look for when buying high-quality CBD for your puppy. If you have any questions about Penelope’s Bloom CBD products, don’t hesitate to reach out so we can answer your questions! We take quality seriously because we love all of our furry companions and want to see them thrive.

Final Thoughts on CBD for Puppies

In conclusion, the versatility and safety of CBD for dogs of all ages, from the tiniest puppies to the most seasoned seniors, is indeed remarkable.

Extensive clinical trials and research, along with real-world observations, have consistently demonstrated that CBD, when administered responsibly and under the guidance of a veterinarian, can be a valuable tool in promoting the well-being of our beloved canine companions.

As responsible pet parents, it’s our duty to prioritize the health and happiness of our four-legged friends, and with the appropriate precautions and high-quality CBD products, we can embark on this journey with confidence, knowing that we’re providing them with the best care possible.

So, whether it’s easing the anxieties of a rambunctious puppy or providing comfort to an aging friend, CBD for Pets offers a promising path toward a pawsitively bright future for our furry family members.


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