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CBD for Dogs: Exploring the Benefits of CBD for Your Dog

We’ve all been there as pet owners. Some kind of situation arises in which we wish there was something we could do for our dog to help them out, but we don’t know what the best course of action is for our pet. Maybe your dog is in a stressful environment or situation. Or, perhaps your dog is dealing with the aches and pains of aging. Maybe your dog has a hard time getting to sleep. Surprisingly, a lot of these pet issues have a common answer in CBD for dogs.

Increasing numbers of pet owners are finding success with CBD dog products these days. To understand why, let’s take a closer look at CBD and how it affects dogs.

What Is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, an organic compound found in hemp plants. Unlike its more famous cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is not responsible for the “high” produced by consuming cannabis—particularly marijuana, which is a different form of cannabis from hemp. CBD does have a number of uses for health and wellness, stemming from its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Because of this, CBD hemp oil has become an incredibly popular health supplement for many people.

The Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

It turns out CBD helps dogs and other pets with similar issues, too. Quality CBD products for dogs, such as those sold by Penelope’s Bloom, are basically the same thing as CBD products for people, only made at a mg dose appropriate for a dog’s body, and with ingredients that are safe to feed your dog.

CBD has many applications that make it an ideal health supplement for dogs and other pets. Here are a few of the most notable CBD benefits for dogs. Please note that CBD has not yet been approved for medical use, so do not construe anything in this article as medical advice for your pet. If your dog or pet has a medical condition, please consult your veterinarian.

CBD Dog Products for Stress

Many dogs suffer from stress and anxiety. Your dog’s stress can manifest in separation anxiety caused by being left alone, or situational anxiety, such as a visit to the vet. Regardless of the cause of your dog’s distress, CBD can make a positive difference for your pet. The same calming effect some people seek from CBD works for dogs, too. Dog owners who have tried it typically report that their dogs are better able to handle these stressful situations if they’ve taken a CBD oil for dogs beforehand.

This even works in less common experiences for your pet, like loud thunderstorms or when neighbors are setting off fireworks during celebrations around New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July. Not only does this help prevent damage to your home and property (dogs can certainly rip and shred when they’re stressed), but it also helps your dog have a happier life.

CBD for Pain and Stiffness

It’s heartbreaking when we see our dogs slowing down due to age. Some of this is just a natural part of your dog’s aging process. After all, who still has the energy and robust health of their youth deep into adulthood? But sometimes our beloved pets are uncomfortable moving, due to joint pain and muscle stiffness. That’s something CBD can help with.

CBD is effective at relieving pain as well as inflammation in dogs. If your dog is suffering from arthritis or simply experiencing pain or stiffness, an appropriately sized dose of CBD can be just the thing to help your pet feel better.

Other Benefits of CBD for Dogs

CBD’s calming qualities make it ideal for helping a nervous or overly energetic dog relax at bedtime. In fact, sleep support is one of the most common uses for CBD, both for people and dogs. Also, CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect can help relieve skin issues in dogs, such as rashes or dry, itchy skin. And CBD oil has uses for dogs in combating nausea and stimulating healthy appetite. As more research is conducted, we expect even more discoveries on how CBD for dogs (and CBD for cats!) is beneficial.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

CBD is non-toxic and is perfectly safe for use with your dog or other pets. In fact, CBD provides a wonderful natural alternative to many over-the-counter dog health products. CBD side effects rarely occur and when they do, they tend to be a result of the dog consuming much more than the suggested serving size (CBD mg). So, make sure to store your treats out of your dog’s reach.

CBD side effects can include dry mouth, drowsiness, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. CBD can also interact with some medications, so if your dog is taking medication, please consult your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD oil products. Also, make sure to only give CBD to adult dogs. CBD is not intended for use with a puppy.

Be Sure to Give Your Dog CBD Products Made for Dogs

It can be tempting to just give your dog the same things you consume yourself, but be careful. Just like many human foods aren’t safe to give your terrier or lab, CBD products for humans aren’t all necessarily designed for a dog’s system, and can sometimes contain ingredients that are dangerous for them.

For example, many human-oriented CBD products also contain THC. While this is fine for humans, THC in high enough concentrations is toxic to dogs (never give your dog a marijuana product!). Penelope’s Bloom CBD products for dogs are always made specifically for dogs, and do not contain unsafe ingredients.

Also, keep in mind that dogs differ from people in weight, body mass, and other factors that affect CBD bioavailability. CBD products for dogs are formulated for the proper CBD mg dose for a dog’s body.

What Kind of CBD Products Are Available for Dogs?

CBD products for dogs come in almost as many different forms as CBD products for the human market. There are CBD dog treats, CBD pet balm or cream for dogs with skin conditions, CBD pet tinctures that can be mixed in with your dog’s food or given directly, even CBD pet peanut butter. Depending on your dog, some of these choices may work better than others (we do find that pretty much all dogs love our CBD peanut butter).

When shopping for CBD for dogs, pay attention to CBD dosage size, as well as other active and inactive ingredients. Penelope’s Bloom offers many products in different strengths (CBD mg) for dogs of different sizes to ensure every dog gets what they need.

Is CBD Right for Your Dog?

Even if your dog never seems stressed or anxious, and isn’t suffering from pain, nausea, or a skin condition, your canine can still benefit from the many health and wellness benefits that come from taking CBD. Just make sure to keep an eye out for CBD oils, treats, and other products made with organic hemp and natural ingredients.

We think, once you’ve had a look at the many CBD pet brands out there, you’ll find that Penelope’s Bloom offers the best CBD products for dogs and other pets on the market. We want your dog or cat to live a happy healthy life, and our products are designed to help them do just that.

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